[PRE-ORDER]: Kotobukiya - Mikoto Misaka Gekota Covered ver. Luxury ver.

[PRE-ORDER]: Kotobukiya - Mikoto Misaka Gekota Covered ver. Luxury ver.



A limited edition luxury version of Mikoto Misaka surrounded by Gekota merchandise, “Mikoto Misaka Gekota Covered ver. Luxury ver.,” from the currently airing TV anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun T,” joins the Kotobukiya lineup!

This statue was created based on original anime concept art of Misaka lounging in complete bliss surrounded by her favorite Gekota merchandise. The original artwork was created with the help of the Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh editorial team.

Starting from her cell phone, all of Misaka’s beloved Gekota merchandise is recreated within this statue. Even the mat that was illustrated in the concept artwork is included and is made with cloth.

Much care was taken into each minute detail in this figure such as Misaka’s pose as she relaxes, the soft smile of her expression, and the texture of the sofa and her parka.

The luxury version also includes a separate head part with the hood removed so users can enjoy both versions: Misaka wearing the hood and Misaka with her hood removed.

Be sure to add this blissful Misaka showing her Gekota love surrounded by Gekota merchandise to your own figure collection.


Release Month: Feb, 2021

Scale: 1/7Product

Size: 143mm tall

Material: PVC (Phthalate-free)

Deadline: Deadline: October 22 2020
Release: March 2021